Why buy a radar detector?

The community function has not changed and it is always possible to point out the dangers to other users about the direction of circulation, or in the opposite direction. The radar detector offers prevention messages on the road, such as tying the belt, reducing speed when there is rain, pausing, and so on. In addition, the speed of the vehicle is seen permanently, as well as speed limitations. In case of exceeding the limit, these detectors can provoke an audible and visual warning to warn the driver. Have a look at the https://scanneranswers.com/best-radar-detector-for-the-money/. Some systems also offer a function to prevent drowsiness. Depending on the duration of the journey, the variations in speed, and changes in direction, they ask the driver and advise him to stop the vehicle. In the end, these tools play a pedagogical role and encourage drivers to be more vigilant and lift their foot off the accelerator in dangerous areas.

And you have you already chosen which the best radar detector is for you?

The tools for community driving aid and GPS cannot indicate the exact location of mobile or fixed speed radars. They just have to settle for a more or less extended danger zone, 2 km on the highway, 4 km on the highway, and 300 meters in the city and that may or may not contain a fixed or mobile radar. The alerts do not only concern the radars, but also include another type of circumstance that may appear on the road: traffic jam, accident, works on the road, and so on. Despite this, they allow to move in a more serene way compared to the multiplication of speed controls on roads, for example.

What is the best speed camera detector?

Radar detectors we will evaluate detectors with similar characteristics, so that you have in a quick vision as much information as possible, and you can draw your own conclusions. Glance at https://scanneranswers.com/best-radar-detector-for-the-money/. Apart from scrupulously respecting the speed limits of different roads with no margin of age, radar detectors are the most effective method and also used to avoid fines for speeding, especially in those unexpected sections of limited speed that many Sometimes they catch us by surprise. If we take into account that the minimum fine for a speed infraction is 200 euros and 3 card points, the price of all fixed radar and fixed and fixed speed camera detectors is relatively low. Of course, we must bear in mind that some of them require monthly or annual payment subscriptions that guarantee the permanent updating of their radar databases.

Guide to Buy Radar Detectors

That said, first of all we think it is essential to be clear about what a speed camera detector is , since there are many people who confuse them with their first cousins: radar warders and radar inhibitors. Go ahead that the three are very different tools with different purposes, and therefore also enjoy different consideration before the law.

Before buying radar detectors, we must be clear about what it is, what it is used for, and what we expose ourselves to when using it. Once we have all this clear, we can start looking for the best radar detector in the market:

What are Radar Detectors?

As the name suggests, a radar detector in a device that is installed in the car or motorcycle, and that is capable of capturing the frequencies of traffic radars to issue a warning signal that can be of many types: vibration (in the case of radar detectors for motorcycles), acoustic, visual, etc. A priori, these devices are prepared to serve as detectors for fixed and mobile radars. In case of being able only to warn of the presence of fixed radars, in 99% of the cases we will be before a radar detector. But let’s analyze the differences between each other more thoroughly…

Differences between inhibitors, detectors and radar warnings

Apart from detecting the presence of both fixed and mobile radars, the radar inhibitors – the most aggressive of the trio – are able to inhibit the radars when your car or motorcycle passes by, preventing them from capturing your speed to be exposed like this, in case of overcoming the established limits, to a secure fine. However, you must bear in mind that using a speed camera inhibitor in a vehicle is clearly forbidden, and can result in fines of up to 6000 euros and the withdrawal of 6 points from the card. See https://scanneranswers.com/best-radar-detector-for-the-money/

On the other hand, the radar warnings are simply geolocation devices capable of locating you on the map, and that have a database of fixed speed cameras. Its purpose is simply to warn the driver of the presence of fixed speed cameras, a function that can be found in most GPS navigators for cars, and in many mobile app alerting speed cameras. The alarms radar that is completely legal, both in terms of tenure and use!

Are the Radar Detectors legal?

Some people, confused by the three terms, wonder what radar detectors are legal, putting inhibitors and warnings in the same bag of detectors, but as you can see, they are not the same. Not in vain, the 2014 Traffic Law is clear when it comes to prohibiting the use of radar detectors being able to disclose the presence of radars of all types, including mobile radars that are expressly placed without warnings.

As we have said before, if a traffic agent is able to detect the use of a radar detector in a vehicle (worth the redundancy), the fine is 200 euros plus the withdrawal of 3 points. However, there is a ruling of the Court number 1 of Segovia of June 2014 that detracts from the traffic rule, establishing that “the authorities must prove their use, and not just the possession of the device,” which is practically impossible. According to this ruling, although nobody assures us that we will not be fined for carrying a radar detector in the car, it seems that we would have it easy when resorting to the fine through the courts. Have a look at https://scanneranswers.com/best-radar-detector-for-the-money/.

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