AnthiPhorm – Surfing Privacy

Changes in consumer privacy you may want to know.

Your privacy and your personal data is important to you. We have been told countless times that the less identifiable information we divulge about ourselves online, then the better chance we have of protecting ourselves against the threat of ID theft and other crimes.

Recently a new threat to our privacy and data has emerged, one that we have far less say and control over. Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), in partnership with private companies, have initiated programs to record and sell every aspect of your surfing behavior. BT alone have stated they will make $170M annually. Many other ISP’s are going ahead with similar schemes.

Understandably, there has been a huge public outcry. Listen to what the creator of the web Tim Berners-Lee has to say regarding the need to protect our privacy rights.


Q. Are your personal surfing details being recorded and sold by your ISP?

Q. Do you want your children’s online activity, your browsing history or sensitive business research sold to private interests and even used against you?

Q. Can you trust this data will be safe considering the recent security breaches that have seen 10’s of millions of files containing your personal information go missing?

Intelligent Surfing Simulator – A New Approach

To address these concerns our development group adopted a unique approach: The question was: How could we confuse any ISP that records and profiles our surfing activity? The result is AntiPhorm.

AntiPhorm is a new type of privacy software. The first of it’s kind. It is an auto-surfing simulator that generates a background noise of natural surfing activity that intelligently confuses any web tracker allowing you to surf with peace of mind using your favorite browser. It’s Free, and easy to use.

And don’t just take our word for this:  Read what the press have to say about AntiPhorm and it’s effectiveness. 

You may not be able to stop your ISP recording your every action but together we can help make the data they do collect about you absolutely worthless.

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