What are the different types of sandwich makers?

Panini sandwiches have been around more than electricity, so it is safe to say that the original press was a relatively simple tool. The old school version, still available for purchase today, is simply a corrugated iron press that you heat and apply on top of your sandwich while cooking on a griddle. The sheer weight, up to 5 pounds, does the pressing for you. Are you looking for the best panini press?

Today, however, we have a second option: A modern panini grill is an electrical appliance that consists of two heating elements that grill the top and bottom of the sandwich at the same time. The top element can have a standard hinge or a floating hinge. The standard hinge collapses the top element into the sandwich at an angle, so you must be careful that the stuffing and top of bread are not pushed too far forward. The floating hinge, which is the preferred style, adjusts the contact point to the sandwich based on the thickness of the sandwich. This hinge is designed to press down on the sandwich, keeping everything intact. Get to us for the best panini press.

Best panini press encloses a plate for industrial sandwich makers is an equipment that cannot be lacking in hospitality businesses such as bars, hamburgers, small restaurants, snack stands, fast food franchises, etc. It is a very useful domestic appliance for the elaboration of different gastronomic proposals and, in addition, it is very versatile, since you can get a lot of performance. Normally it has smooth or slotted cooking plates (you can also find models with a combination of both). Therefore, they can be used as simple sandwich makers and also prepare sandwiches, omelets, eggs on the plate, Swedish bread, etc.

For this reason, they are very common in coffee shops, fast foods, hospitality chains and franchises. We know that best panini press can be indispensable in this type of professional kitchens, and, for this reason, we have a wide range of industrial sandwich plates to satisfy different needs. Consult our Industrial Heat Machinery if you are looking for plates for sandwiches. In addition, you can also see other products, such as grills and barbecues, industrial kitchens, kettles, hospitality plates, tilting pans, convection ovens, industrial fryers …

In the specific case of the plate for industrial sandwiches, we have models with optional timer, of double models and models of large surface, as well as paninis grill XL, which have an ultra-wide cooking surface, which allows preparing up to five paninis at the same time. If you are looking for an iron that meets your needs, you will find it in our catalog. Ask us if you have questions or questions and we will help you make the best choice so that you can get a perfect sandwich maker that responds to the needs and the volume of work in your kitchen.

Considerations to choose the best panini press:

When choosing a best panini press it is important to know what features will set your press apart from a dual standard grill from the side. Keep in mind that the Panini press has similar characteristics, but some unique features will make the difference between a good and a great addition to your kitchen and kitchen repertoire.


There is a wide variety of presses in the market. Prices range from around $ 15 to over $ 300. Most durable and high-quality machines suitable for home use can be purchased for $ 25 to $ 60. The difference in price comes down to the versatility and size.

Cover Design

A good grill for panini and sandwich maker Keep your sandwich together. Because the sandwich thicknesses can vary depending on the type of bread used and the number of sandwich ingredients included, look for a floating lid design that has a cantilevered hinge system. Basically, this design places the hinges on the upper heating element in the center of the lid instead of connecting to the lower surface on the back of the apparatus. The floating lid allows the sandwich to be pressed down, while a rear-hinged system can push the sandwich ingredients and the top layer of bread away from the bottom layer of bread, creating more clutter than a sandwich. Look for a floating lid that presses your sandwich evenly regardless of the thickness.


Nowadays with so many different devices available in the market, it is useful to have something that can satisfy different kitchen needs. Some Panini presses come with interchangeable surfaces so you can make a Panini while heating or roasting items simultaneously on the same machine.


Best panini press come in a variety of sizes so you can make one to six sandwiches at a time. Think about how you will use your machine to meet your individual or family needs and buy a Panini press that suits your lifestyle.

Cleaning and storage

Non-stick surfaces are the thing when looking for a panini plate. This not only helps with cleaning, it will also allow you to make a sandwich that comes off without breaking or tearing. Some Panini presses come with removable plates that go right into the dishwasher. Depending on the amount of counter space you have and how often you use the Panini press, think about whether you want to store the device between uses or keep it connected and ready to go.


When you’re ready for that deliciously grilled gourmet sandwich, consider the functionality, price, and simplicity of the Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker. Even though it does not have the bells and whistles of some of the other machines, it works wonderfully for its purpose: consistently grill and press any size sandwich on any variety of bread. Its size and storage capacity make it perfect for any size kitchen and will fit perfectly in a travel bag if you decide to take it on vacation. The Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker fits most budgets and is the perfect size for an individual, couple or small family.