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If you have not hired a cleaner in the home, you surely know more than one person in your environment that does. What a few years ago were luxuries reserved only for the upper classes, today has been extended to the majority of society. Currently, it is not necessary to have large amounts of economic resources to have housekeeping service. Or, even if you do not have enough money, you save to get rid of this boring task. Cleaning both the home and the workplace, together with other spaces such as schools, warehouses or garages have evolved widely in recent years in all aspects: forms of contracting, provision of services, comprehensive contracts. Look for the Connect Cleaners.

What cleaning services do we need to hire and what are Connect Cleaners?

The operation of each home or each company is totally different, therefore, when hiring a cleaning company, we must be clear about what services we need, what areas we want to clean if there are specificities (general cleaning, only toilets, …). Depending on these needs will also be the hours or days that it is necessary to clean, because, for example, bathrooms require a cleaning several times a day for its high level of dirt and the imperative need for hygiene.

Are the references important?

They are not important, they are the key. Experience is a degree, although not the only one. The presence of a multitude of companies with a large number of workers makes it easier to find a cleaning company than in a small city. If we look at the websites of cleaning companies, a tab such as References or Our customers is already a good indicator, since the company makes its customers public knowing that they are satisfied with the work done. From the hiring of an individual to the emergence of large, has also changed, thanks to experience, the level of demand and criteria to take into account when hiring

The profiles that hire the most services of domestic personnel in our country are high-income households – as a sign of status and for convenience – and urban households – in which the owners have an economic activity outside the home, so that the person hired works as a housewife – . This last case is the one that interests us because it is the one that has increased exponentially in the last decades. The middle class is no longer deprived of having a clean and shiny house because It is not necessary to be rich to hire assistants by the hour or part-time Given the need to consider help to perform tasks at home, there are two possibilities: recourse to direct hiring of the cleaning service for hours, acting personally as an entrepreneur, or hiring the services of a cleaning company. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that we will discuss below:

Advantages of hiring domestic Connect Cleaners:

One of the advantages offered by hiring Connect Cleaners for hours is the possibility of maintaining a close and familiar treatment especially when there are small children in the home, compared to the more professional and distant treatment that can be offered by an operator of a company of cleaning. It allows greater versatility when it comes to ordering tasks more spontaneously, covering other services than cleaning for hours, within the working day, as well as extending hours, without so much formality.

Advantages of hiring a company to perform cleaning services for hours:

You only have to worry about looking for an adequate cleaning company and pay for the contracted services, forgetting about highs, losses, contributions, absences, delays or faults, as well as facing possible conflicts and responsibilities. The Connect Cleaners will provide the necessary products and machinery to achieve the best results, saving you costs. You will not have to carry out selection processes; you will simply receive the service. Whether you are doing cleaning work for hours or a household employee, or if you want to hire this service, here are some questions you should know about rights and obligations:

  • For some years now, social security forces all workers engaged in domestic work, regardless of the tasks they perform, the time they spend in them, or the number of employers they work for.
  • This means that when you start working in a house, you have to declare the discharge, as a household employee, and when it ceases, the discharge will also be communicated, and it is also necessary to inform the administration of any type of variation.
  • The employment relationship between employees and employers, must be expressed in writing in a contract, with a guaranteed minimum wage, and 14 payments, paid holidays, and working hours of 40 hours per week, and if this time is exceeded in domestic work and hours cleaning, overtime will be considered, which will have to be remunerated also independently.

The formalization of the written contract is very important for the employer, since in the absence of this document, in case of problems, the law will understand that the worker provides his services full time and indefinitely, although it really is cleaning services for hours.

The middle class does not want to clean

The middle class does not want to waste time cleaning. In the 21st century, every second count. We want everything, the best, and we want it already. According to the data on cleaning habits collected, the people love to spend more than two hours a day cleaning the home. In this way, we have become the Europeans who invest the most time in this task. To the lack of time and to the little desire to spend it with the facilities offered by the new cleaning companies of the home are added. It is no longer necessary to ask your neighbor or your co-worker for someone you trust to hire him-he always gives a little trouble to put someone unknown in your house. Currently, there are dozens of companies dedicated to this work that we can contract with a single call or through our ‘smartphone’. Yes, you can connect the Connect Cleaners too.

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