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For most table game fans, Scrabble is one of the best. You face the other players and at the same time make you calculate, think, remember and learn new vocabulary. No matter if it is the classic, its version for smartphones and tablets or any of the similar games that have emerged, provides hours of entertainment and knowledge. But if you want to win, here are tricks to win in Scrabble, Welcome to the Scrabble Cheat or scrabble finder. You can now choose to use our easy word finder or the smart cheat board to beat your opponents in Scrabble. SCRABBLE lovers the world over, you may want to sit down for this bit of news. Oh right, you’re already sitting.

Scrabble finder:

We are not talking about the websites or applications that help you win by looking for the solution, but strategies to improve the score in a legal way.

  1. Start with short words

Expert players advise starting with 2 or three letter words so as not to give options to the contrary and then attack with longer words.

  1. Words of 2 letters

It is worth memorizing some that are not obvious such as EH or AX, for example, JO, XI, EX, OX, ZA or QU. If you can also combine them with other words they will give you lots of points.

  1. The prefixes and suffixes

If you can add a suffix or a prefix to a long word, it’s easy to get a good score. It is worthwhile to memorize some of them, such as PRE, ADO or ANDO.

  1. The name of the letters

This is a helpful but useful resource, knowing how to write the name of each letter to be able to use it if we have few options left.

  1. White sheets and “s”

According to experts, white chips should preferably be used to get a full or to give you 30 additional points, if not to waste them. With the S the same thing happens, except in case you have 2, it is not advisable to use it if you do not get at least 10 extra points.

  1. Change of cards

It is important to lose the fear of changing the chips when necessary. If we can only play one, since all we have are consonants, the chances of another one coming out are very high. Better change of chips if the score is less than 10.

  1. The chips with high value

You have to play them with the skill to get the highest score, but it is not convenient to leave them for the end since it is usually difficult to place them obtaining an extraordinary score.

  1. Duplicate and triple letters

Another of the tricks to win in Scrabble is not to leave your opponent’s shot double or triple, and remember only double or triple the value of the letter when using that letter for the first time.

  1. The Z

The letter Z is the highest score, here are a few words that contain it and that are worth memorizing, since they are not commonly used: ZA, ZEN, ZIS, MAKE and FAZ. It is also worth learning these two that add to the Z another letter of great value:

  1. Triple box both words

Sometimes we stop using it to not allow our opponent to act with another triple, you must for this use the scrabble finder. It is important to calculate well the remaining letters and the benefit that the other can obtain since in many cases we will get more points playing than without. Thanks to these special boxes the points you get, either with the letter or with the word, will be multiplied by two or three, only in the first placement of the chips.

Take advantage of these boxes to place letters and words with a high sum of points.

Play with the structure of the board

Do not limit yourself to thinking and looking for a single word, think that when the board is more or less full you can make vertical and horizontal combinations, that is, not only add one word but two or more.

Watch your opponent

As important as taking advantage of the multipliers, is to monitor the options of your opponent so that he has no possibility of using them. The good thing about scrabble finder is that it is not necessary to connect to the Internet, so you can access it at any time without spending your data rate. The process is very similar to those described above. Simply enter the letters and words will automatically be generated.


Most successful mobile applications that adapt the classic Scrabble table game that consists of crossing words. The application already has more than two and a half million users who try to earn more and more points. For this, several options have been created that help them. Take advantage of all possibilities and play with plurals, derived words and verbal forms. When you are not inspired, mix, it will help you find words or possible endings.


As in any game, patience and the ability to see beyond the next plays is a key factor when winning the game. Do not form words to put something, save those letters with the better score to make words that really add many points, do not risk facilitating the combination to the opponent or leave space for it to use multipliers. Sometimes it is better to take turns and wait to score more points in Scrabble

We hope that some of these tricks have helped you and we hope you tell us yours, what strategy do you follow to win? If you are interested in increasing your vocabulary too, for example, wins in this type of games we recommend this article about the rarest words in the dictionary.

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