Getting Your Company IT Up to Date and Trading in the 21st Century

It would be virtually impossible for a company to work without an IT system. It can be expensive to install, but once up and running it will save so much time and allow staff to concentrate on other tasks. Staff will have to be trained and until then it can be a little daunting. If you think it may be too much for you to manage, then there are companies who will take over a lot of the responsibilities for you. That way, even more time can be dedicated to improving and increasing the business. 360ai will be an ideal company to approach and start a working relationship with.

Problems You May Face
Setting aside the fact that staff can carry out other duties, there is a problem with recruiting and retaining staff of the level that you want. There is also a financial cost so getting help will put your company on the right track.

There are many benefits and even if you are not aware of them right away, once you have the system installed you will realise what you have been missing. With the help of 360ai you will have the systems and software that you need to succeed.

The main areas that you are likely to gain benefit from will be: –

  • Video conferencing – you will have the advantages of a meeting without having to leave the office.
  • Social network – it does not just have to be Twitter or Facebook, there are lots of sites that deal with business issues and networking.
  • VOT – virtual office technology – as long as you have a phone, a laptop and access to the internet, your office can be anywhere you are.

You will have the freedom to work from home or on your travels, and still put in a good day’s work.

Once the system is installed, staff can be contacted even when they are busy or not there. Emails will be ready and waiting when the recipient gets back to their desk. The same applies to customers and suppliers so contacts are always close by.

Recruitment and Retention
Here there is a link to social media. If you want new staff, you can use recruitment sites that could take a long time, or advertise online and let hopeful candidates come to you. By checking them out online it will be possible to determine who to interview and who to tell thanks but no thanks.

Keeping Up Efficiency
A great deal of time will be saved as will ongoing costs. No longer will there need to be so much paper used and printing may not be a thing of the past, but there will not be as much be done. All will be digitally filed and accessible to anyone who needs to see it. Typing will be easier as will be the need to make alterations. They can be made in real time, or at ease when someone notices a mistake or just the need to give an update.

Foreign Travel
Any employees who used to travel for the company may not be as happy as there will not be the number of trips required. It will be possible to be in touch with contacts all over the world just by logging on and taking part in a virtual meeting. Costs will be drastically cut and yet it will allow you to carve the same sort of relationship you would have if you met up regularly. If you feel that your company will benefit from the technology mentioned, contact 360ai and they will get you started, and their help will be invaluable especially if you are a small or medium sized enterprise.

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